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 South Gulf Cove Homeowners Association, Inc. - Committee Profile
Committee Goal:  The purpose and function of the committee shall be to:
  1. Review each proposed amendment to the Bylaws to ensure that it does not conflict with existing Articles of the SGCHA Bylaws and ensure that it is placed under the correct Article and Section.
  2. Ensure that each proposed amendment includes an explanation as to why the amendment is needed.
  3. Make suggestions for additions and/or corrections, but not to change the meaning or intent of the proposal.
  4. The committee will review the proposed amendment(s) in order to approve or disapprove. After review, the committee will submit the proposal(s) and their recommendation in writing to the President, the Secretary (for the records), the submitting member and for publishing in the SGCHA newsletter. Disapproval of a proposal by the committee does not negate the member’s right to bring the matter before the Regular membership.
  5. Maintain the Bylaws and Policies of the SGCHA.
Committee Name: Bylaws
Board of Director Liason:  
Chairperson: Steve Benz
Number of Active Committee Members: 4
Meeting Schedule: As needed
Postion Name Phone Email
President Cherry Cash Prewitt  
Board Liason Jules Feldmann
Chairperson Steve Benz  
Member 1      
Member 2      
Member 3 Mike O'Reilly    
Member 4 Gwen Bates    

To contact the Bylaws Committee please email by clicking HERE
Current Bylaws and Standing Rules
The Policies for the Pavilion and Property