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Posted on Jan 20th, 2019
For those who aren't familar with what is being planned to make improvements to the "P",
Here is the plan:  The HOA Board has been gathering information from members all during 2018, and as always in the past, the chief complaint is the lack of comfort in the pavilion for our meetings and other events.  Too hot in the summer, and fans are too noisy, and too cold in the winter with no heaters, etc.  Couple this with our mostly senior aged membership, and we have many good folks not attending meetings.  The board is also concerned with the seating situation, as picnic tables can be hazardous as well as hard and uncomfortable, and very heavy to move during setup for events.  All of these factors have been taken into consideration when deciding what steps to take at this point, and still live within our means.
Many members have donated to the so called "Building Fund" over the years, and now we are in a position to use some of that money to improve our meeting hall once again to make it more useable and appealing to our members, and an attraction for new residents, as well as our most frequent renters, the SGC Yacht Club.  At this time, the most logical approach is to capitalize on the efforts of those who came before us, and had the foresight to build the storeroom / office / and restrooms addition a few years ago.  The Pavilion was originally just that, and no more.  Open on all four sides, and was built with funding mostly from the Crafty Girls, who later spearheaded the effort to put in the screening, and then again teaming up with the Yacht Club to build the addition with flush toilets.  At that time, the HOA meetings were held in other rented community halls, starting in El Jobean and then moving to the American Legion Post 113 in Rotonda.  Prior to this time, the pavilion was only used for social events.  But, after getting the addition built we started having our meetings there.  There are some members who have expressed a desire to "Go Big", and abandon the pavilion in favor of constructing a whole new large "Community Center" on the property, but the board does not find this to be feasible at this time due to the many requirements placed upon us by the county if we were to go down that path.  The new building codes would require us to bring in massive amounts of fill because of higher base elevations now in place, as well as having to do paving and landscaping that includes a parking lot with islands, and large retention ponds.  A good example of this would be the new Englewood Fellowship Church on the corner of Rotonda West Blvd., and Parade Circle.
A project of that size would be incredibly expensive, and require years of fund raising, and in our opinion is hard to justify when we can renovate a building we already own and not be required to meet the new building codes, and do it all with money that we have in the bank, and have been saving up over the years for this kind of thing.  The current plan is to simply close in the pavilion with concrete block walls and have commercial grade glass doors and large 3' X 3' windows for natural light, and then to insulate under the roof with spray foam and install a central heat and A/C system, along with an acoustical sound absorbing ceiling.
We also want to create an outdoor space on the West side that would have a large paver patio, with a sun screen awning and possibly a fire pit and barbeque area.  A perfect place to use some of our picnic tables, which are to be replaced with more conventional and comfortable chairs and tables.  That's it for now.
Future plans, if deemed necessary and desirable by the membership might include expanding the space with another addition, or adding a kitchen, etc.  
We have preliminary plans in hand for the renovation, and are preparing cost estimates for our own use when soliciting bids from local contractors.  These plans will be available for viewing by members at the annual meeting on February 20th.
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