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narrative by Ernie Stevens
South Gulf Cove is a very active community dedicated to improving the quality of living for all of its residents.  The primary driving force behind this community effort is the South Gulf Cove Homeowners Association, Inc., which is an organization, made up of member-residents of the Association.
The SGCHOA is fortunate to have a significant number of its member-residents participating in a variety of committee projects, on a voluntary basis, on behalf of the community.
If you are current a member of the SGCHOA, but have yet to consider becoming an active volunteer member of the community.  Please take a moment to reconsider volunteering and add your voice, your energy and your talents to the community and share in the successes we can achieve together.
Architectural Review Committee - Follow the duties and regulation as stated in SGC Deed Restrictions, Article VII.
By-Laws - work on any proposed Bylaws amendment(s) submitted by membership
Communications Committee - oversee s all aspects of communications of HOA, duties include but are not limited to maintaining the HOA website, developing and publishing the HOA newsletter, and maintaining the HOA's public relations
Finance/Fundraising Committee - Work with HOA Treasurer to prepare and submit the annual budget at the Annual membership meeting. 
Financial Reporting Committee - Appointed in January annually to conduct a financial review of the HOA's financial records at the close of the February meeting and provide a written report of same at the April membership meeting.
Membership/Welcome Committee - Responsible for contacting all new property owners within SGC to encourage membership in HOA
Nominating & Election Committee - Present a slate of proposed officers to the membership for open positions on the Board of Directors at the Annual membership meeting (see Bylaws Article IV)
Property Committee - Manage all properties owned by the HOA, including, but not limited to, maintenance and development.
Safety Committee – Oversee any and all safety concerns in SGC.  Such duties include but are not limited to conducting a neighborhood watch and designating street watch representatives.
Service Recognition - Recognize the service provided to the HOA by the volunteers within the membership
Teller's Committee - Verifies attendance at membership meetings to assist the BOD in determining whether a quorum is present, verifying the voting eligibility of the membership and conducting and reporting ballot voting.
Administrative Assistance – general admin work for the Board of Directors
County Permit Monitor – work with the ARC to monitor new construction and exterior improvements submitted to Charlotte County
General Volunteers
Government Liaison – monitor the local newspaper and Charlotte County website to keep the community abreast of activities that directly affect SGC
Social Committee – plan and co-ordinate quarterly events for HOA any events/happenings that affect SGC
Strategic Planning -
If  you would like to volunteer to work with your HOA, or to volunteer for any committee or just to help the HOA, please contact president@southgulfcovefl.org.

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