A Year in Review – A Year of Change
Posted on Jan 12th, 2021

A Year in Review – A Year of Change
By Sheryl Blocklin
2020 Was a year of change for all of us!  We were vacationing in place, working from home, wearing masks, social distancing, and zooming.  The year was full of challenges for us, even the HOA, as we strove to continue some normalcy, start new projects, and make progress on on-going projects.
Despite these challenges, and in support of the HOA mission, the volunteers of the HOA accomplished much in 2020 to improve the SCG community and HOA venues!  Here are just a few of them.  
  • The most obvious and requiring the most effort was the Pavilion renovation, turning the open-air building into a comfortable meeting and entertainment space.  We added air conditioning and heat and replaced ceiling fans, lights, windows, and slider doors.  The entire building, inside and out, was primed and painted and the floors were epoxied.  New tables and chairs were added for seating comfort.  New bulletin boards were added for the HOA committees to share information with the members.  HOA general membership meetings resumed in the Clubhouse in November.  
  • The next most obvious accomplishment was the completion of the outside patio -- a beautiful 50 x 80-foot patio with a firepit.  The picnic tables from the Pavilion were re-purposed for the patio, making this a nice spot for outdoor events.  
  • The HOA worked with the County on several initiatives.  For example, when the County decided to no longer support the Learning Garden, the HOA and volunteers stepped up to take this over.  The Garden is being restored and improved to a place where members can enjoy congregating, walking, picnicking, and exercising.  The Board also worked on several Deed Restriction violations, such as the removal of the shipping containers illegally placed on an empty lot.
  • The HOA Committees were hard at work in 2020 as well!  
    • The Infrastructure and Technology Committee worked non-stop to bring Blue Stream Wi-Fi service to SGC (free to the Clubhouse), negotiated with FPL to lower the new electric line cost throughout SGC, and stocked the canals with Sunshine Bass.  
    • The Cleanup Committee held neighborhood and Gasparilla Road cleanups and was instrumental in reclaiming the benches and trashcans removed by the County and getting political graffiti removed from around SGC.  Thanks to their efforts, we received the Partners for a Clean Charlotte 2019-2020 Community of the Year Award.  
    • The Architectural Committee reviewed a record number of new home, fence, and garage applications.  
    • The Neighborhood Watch continued their patrols and worked with the CCSO to bring news and information to the members.
    • The Communications Committee worked on website improvements and the continuous publication of the News and Views, our monthly newsletter.
  • Despite the pandemic, several social events were creatively scheduled to accommodate the CDC restrictions, e.g., the Kids-Connection Committee sponsored Halloween Trick or Treat and a virtual Easter Egg Hunt.  The HOA supported several CCT-sponsored (e.g., pancake breakfast, Parrothead party, Helping Hands, and Santa Sacks for Seniors) and Crafty Girl (e.g., garage and craft sales) events.  We even had a private homeowner open his pickleball courts for SCG use!
The remarkable changes made this year would not have been possible without the Board’s leadership, a team of volunteers, and HOA dues.  We are excited about next year and the opportunities it will bring!

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